An Interview with Our Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
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The Securities Arbitration Alert's publisher and Editor-in-Chief George Friedman sat down recently for a brief 20-15 minute virtual interview with Professor Amy Schmitz of the University of Missouri School of Law and the Center for Dispute Resolution. The interview was part of her podcast series, "The Arbitration Conversation:  Interviews the Leading Minds in Arbitration," hosted by

In this free-wheeling video podcast, he opines on three core topics: 1) how he entered the ADR field and built his career ("My career path is a series of interrelated random events; I actually wanted to be an astronaut or steamroller operator when I was a little kid");  2) the major differences between the AAA and FINRA Dispute Resolution Services ("They are both fine, fair organizations, but FINRA is a self-regulatory organization and AAA is not. As an SRO, FINRA can do lots of things that AAA can't, like throwing brokers out of the industry if they don't pay arbitration awards"); and 3) COVID-induced changes he'd like to see persist when things get back to normal ("The middle seat in coach should be banished forever. And as Chairman of cloud-based ADR provider Arbitration Resolution Services, I want to see the warm embrace of online ADR and virtual hearings continue").

Click here for the full interview.