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Comments/Suggestions Invited to DR Task Force Suggestion Box
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An announcement, titled “FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force,” just appeared at, calling for input from the public (caveat: NLT 10/3/14).

The Task Force

First, notice the change in name. When FINRA originally announced, on July 17, the formation of a Task Force to advise it on improving “the transparency, impartiality and efficiency of FINRA’s securities arbitration forum for all participants,” the Task Force was dubbed the “Arbitration Task Force.” In this latest announcement, which is undated, but which FINRA posted c. 10/1/14, the Task Force has evidently assumed a broader commission. Now called the “FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force,” the group has, as one of its first official acts, reached out to “participants and users of the forum” to seek assistance in formulating its agenda.

Suggestion Box

To encourage comment, the DR Task Force has established a suggestion box of sorts on the FINRA-DR Website, saying: “An important aspect of the task force is to hear from different constituents about FINRA’s dispute resolution forum…. [W]e invited you to share your concerns or issues for the task force to consider.” At the bottom of the full-page announcement, viewers will see the following invitation: “Please submit your suggestions to the DR Task Force.” Click on “DR Task Force” and a form will appear for submitting your suggestion. The Task Force explains that, its first meeting will take place on October 10 and, so, suggestions are solicited by Friday, October 3.

Where We Go From Here

At the October 10 meeting, the members of the Task Force will confer and seek agreement on the “initial topics for review.” The posting indicates that “the task force may solicit input in the future on specific topics, using this mailbox as one method of collecting that input.”

(ed: *Right now, though, the group is formulating its initial agenda, so now is the best time, we would expect, to have an impact with your suggestions for change and improvement. Keep them constructive, but get them in by 10/3! **SAC readers will know about the email address, where we were collecting suggestions for the Task Force. We’d like those who sent suggestions to TFTopics to know that we did pass on their suggestions to the FINRA DR Task Force and have been assured that they will be distributed to each member of the group.) (SAC Ref. No. 2014-37-01)

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