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Arbitration in 2017 and Beyond: Making Arbitration Great Again
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This video-podcast hosted by the Securities Arbitration Commentator concerns the future developments in the world of arbitration along with the future of financial regulation.

The year 2016 saw many developments in the arbitration world.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed its long-awaited arbitration rule; the Supreme Court accepted another case involving the preemptive power of the Federal Arbitration Act over state laws; several anti-arbitration bills were again introduced in Congress; the Department of Labor finalized a fiduciary rule for those offering retirement investment advice; and FINRA went to work evaluating and implementing the FINRA's Dispute Resolution Task Force's 51 recommendations to improve the process.

In this fast-paced Podcast, experts and practitioners in the securities dispute resolution field will discuss what the future augurs for arbitration in general and securities arbitration.

SAC Securities Arbitration Podcast - Number 5
Title: Arbitration in 2017 and Beyond: Making Arbitration Great Again

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